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Off Cut Sale

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Please scroll down the page to view the following categories of our stone off cuts on sale

  • Engineered Stones
  • Caesarstone, Quantum Quartz, Essastone & Silestone
  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Other

All items are made available to customers on inspection and acceptance of actual condition of stock or unless otherwise sold.

All listing are in 20mm slab unless otherwise specified.

Similar items described may have colour or shade variations.

We can also provide cutting, polishing and installation service with any item purchased at an additional cost.

Customers are encouraged to call prior to attending our factory on 0438 405 043.

Please note we are a Western Australian firm servicing the Perth area. Interstate customers need to arrange shipping. Packing and handling charges apply .


Engineered Stone

Type Name Approximate Size Cost (GST Exclusive)
Caesarstone Ivory (sold) 1520mm x 850mm AUD155.00
Caesarstone Nova Aurora 1350mm x 360mm AUD40.00
Caesarstone Bianco Drift (Sold) 1070mm x 800mm AUD185.00
Caesarstone Ocean Foam 1080mm x 450mm AUD75.00
Caesarstone Raven (Sold) 3000mm x 700mm AUD545.00
Caesarstone Shitake 2450mm x 200mm AUD110.00
Caesarstone Raw Silk 1200mm x 350mm AUD55.00
Caesarstone Clamshells 1350mm x 340mm AUD100.00
Caesarstone Clamshells 1200mm x 400mm AUD100.00
Essastone Torrone 1150mm x 380mm AUD80.00
Essastone Carbone 1150mm x 380mm AUD85.00
Santa Margarita Apulia 1350mm x 400mm AUD95.00
Santa Margarita Aosta 1200mm x 450mm AUD80.00
Santa Margarita Aosta 1350mm x 450mm AUD85.00
Essastone New Basmati (sold) 1330mm x 550mm AUD125.00
Quantum Quartz New Diamond White 30mm 1150mm x 590mm AUD140.00
Essastone Panna cotta 2400 mm x 300 mm AUD95.00
Qstone Diamond White ( Sold ) 1070 mm x 540 mm AUD95.00
Caesarstone White Attica (Sold) 1420 mm x 520 mm AUD295.00
Caesarstone Frosty Carrina (sold) 770 mm x 550 mm AUD90.00
Qstone Bianco Carrara (SOLD) 2640 mm x 820 mm AUD432.00
Caesarstone Sage 2350 mm x 320 mm AUD80.00
Caesarstone Ocean Foam 1430 mm x 440 mm AUD85.00
Caesarstone Walnut 950 mm x 720 mm AUD80.00
Caesarstone Wild Rice 3020 mm x 840 mm AUD645.00
Caesarstone Vanilla Nior 1420 mm x 650 mm AUD275.00
Caesarstone Ocean Foam 2000 mm x 350 mm AUD90.00
Silestone Negro Stella (Sold) 3250 mm x 680 mm AUD560.00
Silestone Negro Stella 880 mm x 650 mm AUD140.00
Caesarstone Osprey 1250mm x 700mm AUD175.00
Caesarstone London Grey (Sold) 1540mm x 630mm AUD345.00
Caesarstone Statuario Maximus 700 mm x 530 mm AUD170.00
Caesarstone Summer Rye (Sold) 1400 mm 500 mm AUD90.00
Essastone Ash Concrete 900 mm x 500 mm AUD55.00
Silestone Yukon 1020 mm x 500 mm AUD60.00
Caesarstone Organic White 800 mm x 750 mm AUD65.00
Caesarstone Oyster 920 mm x 440 mm AUD45.00
Essastone Fino Venato 2350 mm x 340 mm AUD75.00
Caesarstone Ocean Foam 1080 mm x 420 mm AUD30.00
Caesarstone Ocean Foam 800 mm x 380 mm AUD20.00
Caesarstone Snow 2100 mm 300 mm AUD80.00
Caesarstone Snow 700 mm x 600 mm AUD30.00
Caesarstone Snow 800 mm x 450 mm AUD30.00
Caesarstone Organic White 850 mm x 450 mm AUD45.00
Caesarstone White Shimmer 800 mm x 450 mm AUD25.00
Caesarstone Nougat 3000 mm x 800 mm AUD455.00
Caesarstone Nougat 1500 mm x 700 mm AUD200.00
Caesarstone Nougat 1200 mm x 730 mm AUD170.00
Caesarstone Ocean Foam 1400 mm x 600 mm AUD145.00
Caesarstone Ocean Foam 1400 mm x 1280 mm AUD235.00


Name Approximate Size Cost (GST Exclusive)
Kasmire Gold 1100mm x 650mm AUD90.00
Galaxy Black 3050mm x 600mm AUD540.00
Black Pearl 3000mm x 600mm AUD360.00
Antique White 3400 mm x 600 mm AUD700.00
Pewter 1650 mm x 450 mm AUD175.00
Ice Pearl 1700 mm x 350 mm AUD150.00
Ice Pearl 1600 mm x 350 mm AUD145.00
Black Pearl 1850mm x 600mm AUD225.00
Galaxy Black 1850mm x 600mm AUD375.00


Name Approximate Size Cost (GST Exclusive)
Crema Imperiale 1550mm x 800mm x 4pcs AUD440.00
Emprador Light 1350mm x 550mm AUD75.00
Emprador Light 1350mm x 850mm AUD115.00
Filletto Rosso 2700mm x 550mm AUD150.00
Travertine Honed 1350mm x 980mm AUD145.00
Arabescato honed 2150mm x 990mm AUD800.00
White marble 1185 mm x 240 mm x 6 pcs AUD15.00
Bianco Carrara (Sold) 1260 mm x 550 mm AUD120.00


Name Approximate Size Cost (GST Exclusive)
Neolith Porcilin Estatuario Silk 12mm 1250 mm x 830 mm AUD505.00
White Stella 3000 mm x 750 mm AUD300.00

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