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  1. Do the stone surfaces scratch?
    Yes, any material can be scratched if you try hard enough. Although all our materials are highly scratch resistant.
  2. Do I have to be careful if I spill liquids on my bench tops, will it stain?
    Yes, marbles and some particular types of granite surfaces are porous and may result in staining if it is not cleaned up quickly. We seal these products prior to installation. Engineered stone and some granites are not porous therefore are not susceptible to staining, some cautions are required for lighter colours
  3. Can I place my hot pots and pans onto the stone?
    No, all marbles and engineered products require a barrier between the surface and the heat source such as a silicone mat. It is relatively safe to do on granite surfaces, but we still recommend a mat of some sort.
  4. Do my tops need sealing or repolishing?
    No, the majority of our products do not require sealing and will maintain its original surface.
  5. Can I cut directly on my bench tops with knives?
    No, this will result in blunting your knives and may result in scratching your surface particularly with serrated knives.
  6. What do I need to supply in order to commence a project?
    Templates are required in most situations. All penetrations are also required in the templates.
  7. Can you make my templates, or do you know you know someone who can?
    Stone Solutions can prepare templates if required although these are usually prepared by a cabinet maker. We can provide contact details of cabinet makers.
  8. Who installs the sinks, basins and hotplates?
    Stone solutions will install all under mount sinks or basins. All top mount sinks, basins and hotplates are installed by others.
  9. Do you offer warranties on your products?
    All engineered products carry a limited warranty by the wholesaler. Natural products do not carry any warranties. Our Installation has a 1 year limited warranty.
  10. What are your payment terms and conditions?
    Our conditions are provided to you on our quotation. Payments are 5% on acceptance, 55% prior to ordering materials/ cutting and balance on completion.
  11. Can I obtain a free quote?
    Yes all we need for you to supply is some plans, some idea of material selection, an edge detail selection and your suburb.

If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to contact us (linked to contact us page)

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